I Want Your Kitties T-Shirt Bubbles Trailer Park Boys


I Want Your Kitties T-Shirt Bubbles Trailer Park BoysWhat does Bubbles want? He wants your kitties for sure! This an iconic Bubbles t-shirt in white background. He looks like a magician who is desperate to have the kitties. This image reminds me a lot of my childhood days. I used to have such a magician costume and would ask for new wishes. Some of them have definitely come true. This shirt contains a screen printed front and the quality looks good. It is a refreshing white shade because recently we have been talking a lot about black tees.

Someone who wants to tease Uncle Sam may use the apparel with good effects. He looks like our grand old politician with lots of promises and little stuff inside. Elections are coming and I wonder if this piece is okay to wear in a rally. It doesn’t look like someone is going to be offended with this one. But who knows what kind of meaning you want to decipher out of it. The picture is outright cute and lets the viewer know that there is immense hope and expectation. Maybe I will wear it during a college function.