Exactly How Many Seasons In Trailer Park Boys?

Trailer Park Boys The Complete Collection DVDsExactly how many seasons of trailer Park boys are there to be seen? If you are interested in the television series, you need to spend some time to cover all the episodes. There are a total of 11 seasons. The latest season came on 31st March 2017.

If you are looking to buy all the Seasons in one go there is an economical option.  

Trailer Park Boys: The Complete Collection is a set of 13 DVDs which was released in the year 2011.

It contains 13 DVDs containing all the episodes from Seasons 1 to 7. Season 8 and season 9 DVDs are sold separately. You can try out for a Combo deal of all the three.

The complete collection comes in a hard plastic case and it is also a great Gift item. If you have not yet created your trailer Park fan collection, the DVD set will be a good one to begin.

A mockumentary series for sure! That’s what the trailer park boys episodes are. Then there are the 3 movies.  Mike Clattenburg has created a masterpiece that will entertain the audience for years to come. But the best moments of enjoyment come when you are watching it together with your group. The simple weekend parties with Ricky, Bubbles and Julian entertaining you on screen cannot be compared with other options.