Grey Mr Lahey Shirt – I Am The Liquor Quote Based Print


Grey Mr Lahey Shirt - I Am The Liquor Quote Based PrintThe only advice that I would give  you is to not get drunk when wearing the grey Mr. Lahey shirt! Why am I saying this? Some of the customer reviews that I read on Amazon gave an impression that one starts feeling the character with the shirt. Well, I have experienced some of it before during the Randy cheeseburger t-shirt days but nothing like getting drunk and falling. In fact, that is somehow against Lahey who calls the quote “i  am the liquor”.

I have come across many shades of this  t-shirt but the grey version seems to have a greater appeal. May be it is like giving an extra grey shade to the character and expecting it to cast a bigger impression on others. One thing is for sure; people will notice this design and you will find admirers. No idea about the impression that it may cast on girls but your choice of apparel will surely find the right appreciation in the right place.

I have also convinced my roommate that he is going to wear one my trailer park t-shirts during the Halloween party. I have already decided to give him the Ricky look. The houndstooth design will do the rest.