Got $30 Off On Kindle Reader – Better Deal Than My Rommate’s


Got $30 Off On Kindle Reader - Better Deal Than My Rommate'sHe was truly boasting about his kindle reader (well it is a great device though)! But yes I got it for better price and that in itself is my victory. This time though, I have made some good use of the Columbus day deals on Amazon. I did not consider buying this reading gadget last year but the new turn of academics has literally forced me to do so. You simply cannot imagine the weight of reference books that I need to carry in order to prepare some quality notes. I have always been someone who can easily spend a lot of time in reading new books but kindle makes this a lot simpler. That is something that I have to accept. I have always preferred the paper format and continue to do so even though I am finding reading on the glare free screen a lot more enjoyable.

There is a great book concerning the exploits of trailer park boys. It is the fan guide of the boys which might be a good read as a kindle edition.