Funny Jim Lahey Shirt – Birds Of A Shit Feather Flock Together


Funny Jim Lahey Shirt - Birds Of A Shit Feather Flock TogetherThe talk about trailer park and the boys is incomplete without the iconic Mr.Lahey. You can’t just avoid the thought of him and his witty quotations. Here is another one of his funny shirts which, by the way, you might not be able to wear in many places. I mean, places where people like aunt, mommy, dad or uncle might visit. You can rest assured that questions about the choices of wardrobe will be raised and then I do not know how much a motivation would be left. But I would certainly go for it in a sort of boys night out or bachelors party or something similar. Wear it at places where there is no one familiar to judge you.

This t-shirt contains the line “birds of a shit flock together” and you can very well understand who these birds really are. But then, you are, I assume, someone who has already witnessed the boys in action. So it is not difficult to comprehend the humor. I would certainly use the same line as on this Jim Lahey t-shirt to describe the relationship between my roomie and I !

In case you have made the mind to go for it then just go for it. Too much thinking will certainly bring doubts and eventually make you linger away from it.