Black T-Shirt Like A Hawk

Black T-Shirt Like A HawkTeenagers love it and dudes love it too! Watching You Like A Hawk t-shirt will not bring you laurels in academics but you can surely punch a point in the peer group. My parents do not like such captions and hence, I dare not wear it at home. Not that it is banned but just out of respect.

But this TPB shirt is like my secret love. Weekend parties of chill out with college buddies, the black shade makes the mark. I once asked an astrologer about my future chances to make it big and he advised me not to wear black. Guess the planets do not favor me wearing black. The advice could not break my love for the shade, though. And just for the records, I am doing pretty well in life.

The best thing about deep dark colored shirts is that they are easy to match with my kind of lower. You can wear jeans or may be pajamas, it just doesn’t matter. My suggestion is the classic old suggestion. Blue legged tapering jeans with the Hawk shirt. You just cannot get it wrong.

Planning to attend a Trailer Park Boys concert? Occupy the front row and wear this one. You are sure to be called on stage! Who knows, that would be your ticket to stardom! Anyway, make sure that you are  buying the right size that fits in with your shape. I don’t know why but my dad insists on wearing loose fitting t-shirts. Not my cup of tea. I want to look good today with the right fitting.