Black Heavy Metal Dick TPB Shirt

heavy metal dick black t shirtWords are powerful and you start wearing them, they start creating lasting impressions. I don’t know whether this shirt is suitable for heavy metal fans or trailer park boys’ fans, but it sure looks good. When you comprehend the insanity of words, the link with TPB boys is obvious.

Check out The Heavy Metal Dick Black T-Shirt

Looks like, it is raining black shirts this season. Most manufacturers are eager to print new texts from the movie onto the black background. It is easy to make these and they sell well.

I checked on the product page of the shirt on Amazon and was amazed to find the range of sizes available. Right from small to 5x, you can choose any size. That is a huge range of flexibility. Now you do not have any excuse for not ordering the right size. Of course, you need to spend some time in front of the mirror. For example, for L and XL sizes look good on me. L is more like a macho spirit and XL is outright loose and comfortable, what actually my father loves. Depending on the occasion and the weather, these are the two sizes that I look for in any t-shirt.