Trash Missing T-Shirt For Men – Old Glory Trailer Park Trash


Trash Missing T-Shirt For Men - Old Glory Trailer Park TrashMy first impression was that of a vintage print when I saw the old glory trash missing t-shirt. The off white background with the brown gold print connects itself with the good old days of Sunnyvale. No wonder the makers call it the old glory tee. It is a detailed graphic artwork design and the quality is superb. This is an officially licensed version made from funny tan cotton. The print says ” the trailer park called, their trash is missing”. Wonder who they are trying to insult!


Most of the TPB shirts are extremely funny in nature but onlookers might term them as offensive. This happens extensively when wearing the Ricky quotes. They are actually bold one-liners depicting certain scenes of the movie. It was situational comedy and so the person said it. The good thing is that most people in my area are aware of the legacy and hence most are quick to understand the humor behind it. Have not yet taken any Ricky quotes in the classroom but may be on the last day of the semester!