Trailer Park Boys Hat In Black -Don’t Mess With The Boys!

trailer park boys hat

The boys demand respect. They don’t need it. This is a fact that opponents must understand. The signature trailer park boys hat will ensure that this respect is achieved. Ok, I am not starting a fight here but rather praising the strikingly attractive design of this cap. You might want to don this and move around in your locality. But please do not boss around other. This accessory is meant for pure fun. Try to bring out humor in a tense situation.

The reading on the cap says;mess with me you mess with the whole trailer park. The signal is clear. Stay clear from my path. That evening party is going to be interesting somewhere. My trailer park parties have always been a closed door affair. Very rarely do we party in public places. There are general get-togethers, but meeting for the boys has to be something really special. And you cannot make it a general public affair. So only the fans are invited and we showcase the best shirts from our clothing collection. It is not that you have to wear a new one every time. But in case you have a great design in the wardrobe, you can always bring it here and get the accolades. And after that we play the movie DVDs.