This Cheeseburger Shirt Is Cheeky Randy


Randy Cheeseburgers Shirt Trailer Park BoysEat the cheese, take out the pot belly and find friends in the locality. That’s the effect of wearing the randy cheeseburger shirt. You might not have the pot belly but you will surely look cool like the trailer park boys. It is an extremely funny design. Just look at it once and you cannot help smiling. Serves as a great tool in tough times. The bright red heart sign on a white background spices up the print.

My first interaction with this t-shirt was in a local Chinese market. The print was the same but I was not satisfied with the base material. It was polyester and I was looking for something in pure cotton. Most of the cheap shirts that you find in local stores fail in this aspect. Print and design is fine but you have to wear it for a long period of time and hence the comfort factor takes a prime position. Anyway, I ordered the same thing online and was more than happy to have the humor and comfort together.

In case there is a dumb person in your group and you want to light up his or her day, this would serve as a great fun-filled gift. Wear it and walk on the streets. It would be like spreading laughter all around.