The Ricky Houndstooth Shirt Provides An Iconic Fashion Statement


The houndstooth shirt with its black and white patterns creates a mesmerizing effect. The charismatic Ricky style from the Trailer Park Boys comes alive. This relaxed bowling shirt is a top buy in most online as well as offline stores. But finding this one in the local store would not be that easy. Of course, if you have a lot of TPB fans living in the vicinity this might actually be the case.

Some of the houndstooth shirts come in round neck styles but it is the collared variety that attracts the highest level of attention. It is such a cool and relaxed fit to have. Even if you are not in the bowling arena, the attraction is hard to miss. To have the exact  charisma of the character you need a little more than the houndstooth shirt. Some cool Ricky quotes would surely help the cause.


Black and white Ricky houndstooth shirt is great for outdoor events


I am certainly not counting the office parties as outdoor events in the casual sense. But a general get-together would be a great place to wear this shirt. You might have seen some people wearing them already. This print is in demand and you do not have to be a fan to wear one. Of course, if you know the legacy behind it, wearing the apparel is so much more fun.

The trending designs in the merchandise section do have a collection of this print. It is very easy to match this shirt as it goes well with both jeans and cotton trousers.

Most advertisers will present this as a bowling shirt but there are several other places where you may find this one to be a great match. Movie theme parties are among the best places but it is also cool for weekend group meetings. It is such a laid back casual style that you seem to get the hang of it from the very first time.