The Official Sunnyvale Street Hockey Jersey From The Trailer Park Boys

ricky sunnyvale hockey jersey blue

What I really want to says is that there is nothing official about it! Technically it is the officially licensed sunnyvale trailer park street hockey jersey but you know inside that the best effect will come in a casual scene. It is the thing to wear for funny evenings and animated discussions. In case you are actually playing the game, there is nothing better to bring in the power of attraction.

There are separate options for Ricky and Bubbles. The Ricky jersey has the letter C on the front and the number 420 at back. The other one has the alphabet A on front.

If you are wondering where to wear this jersey, you are certainly not alone. I had the same doubts. When you are in a place where most people are adoring the TPB spirit, the whacky apparels create that extra amount of zing. You know what I am talking about!

ricky sunnyvale hockey jersey blue back sideIf you are worried about the conservative lot, there is nothing much to do about it. They are going to think what they want to think. You cannot alter your choices and dressing sense because of that. If you intend to wear the Trailer park street hockey jersey then wear it with passion. Those you care about the spirit will understand what you stand for. Those who don’t will forget about it the next day!

People have many things to worry about and what you wear is probably the last thing in their mind. You might come across some criticsim but rest assured noone gives a thought about it in the future tense. There is always this luxury of knowing that the criticism will be forgotten!