The Lonely Mountain Beer Mug – 16oz Glass

The Lonely Mountain Beer Mug - 16oz GlassI don’t know why do they call it the lonely Mountain beer mug. Maybe the inventor was such a person who used to love it all alone in the mountains. Anyway the mug looks nice and I could take it in the hiking season. The engraving on the mark is done via laser technique and hence it is dishwasher safe. If you are a fantasy lover this could be a great gift item.

Actually I wanted to gift this to my dad because I know he loves beer. But I guess he would think otherwise. My dad is of the view that I should simply focus on my studies and nothing else. He does not appreciate my love for the trailer park boys. Actually he is from a different generation. And I don’t blame him for having this kind of thinking. We are two different unique personalities but secretly I know that we both enjoy our beer.
In case you are short on budget but still looking to gift your friend a great novelty item, this one will perhaps fulfill your expectations.