The Dressed All Over DVD Collection – Seasons 1-7 – TV Specials – 2 Movies Pack – Trailer Park Boys



The Trailer Park Boys: The Dressed All Over CollectionOk, what more can I wish more! This is perhaps the ultimate DVD collection that a college going guy can have. The dressed all over collection of trailer park boys gives you complete access to the TV series and the 2 movies (Countdown to Liquor Day+Trailer Park Boys). A full bounty for sure! And what’s more; the two TV specials, Say Good night to the bad guys and Xmas special ones are also there. You need a lot of time to watch all this stuff. Book 4 consecutive weekends and you do not need that silly popcorn box.


Buyers on Amazon also get access to a complimentary digital version of videos from the production company. The product contains a code with an expiration date. Use the code online before the expiry date and access your free digital copy. The icing over the cake!


There is some shitty hilarious comedy in these DVDs. You might have seen cool men but this is nothing like before. The bonhomie between the boys is also marvelous. You cannot get your eyes off the movie. So plan a weekend movie show at the house. It is better when parents are not there. They might not like some of the bold comedy scenes.