The Dirty Burger Shirt Will Not Disappoint

The dirty burger shirt is one among my favorites in trailer park boys t-shirts. The look is classy and the black or the blue background works perfectly with most lowers. You may choose other background colors too, but there is something special about the black version. If you are somewhat philosophical in nature then think life. It hovers around black and white too! Don’t want to take this rhetoric to some other level as the topic in focus are the shirts.  You may want to check this one out.


Dirty burger is a sought after online phrase and you may easily spot a number of movie merchandise with this tag name. After all, great items are not limited to apparels. However, most people prefer trailer park boys clothing stores as they offer some good value. What else can you get within a range of $20 to $30? I believe in quality products and hence, it is better that my not so expensive shirt belongs to a high-quality zone rather than some fancy cheap makeover.

Right from my childhood, I have been obsessed with my looks and what I ever. Even when the budget was limited,  would spend hours looking for the best match jeans or pullover or something that went on with my appearance. I still remember those sleepless nights when I could not find something good to wear after hours of wandering through the markets. Thankfully, those low budget days are gone but the attitude of getting the best value for each dollar remains.