The Bubbles Hockey Jersey – The Shade Of Blue That You Would Perhaps Love

bubbles sunnyvale hockey jersey blue


The character Bubbles intrigues us for a lot of reasons. One among them is the dressing sense. Somtimes you feel a sense of awe and at times there is a shocking element involved. However, there is only awe and style in the Sunnyvale hockey jersey. It is perhaps one of the best pieces in Trailer Park merchandise.

The blue shade makes you take notice. It is a compelling shade or sorts. If you are actually playing street hockey it will certainly add flair to the game. However, you can also use it for casual evenings where invoking love and laughter are the only motives.

There is a subtle sense of simplicity when you notice Bubbles on screen. All the characters seem to bear an influence on one another but this one stands a bit apart.

The blue hockey jersey reminds me of a time when play was the only solace in life and the surroundings were simpler. I am not criticizing the technical progress of my time but there are some aspects that you sorely miss. I am not the one tucked in the past though. Times change and people change. But if you do believe in the spirit of the boys then things seem just a little bit rosy. Perhaps you get a sense that illusions are better than reality! Most of us do tend to find a degree of comfort in illusions and there is nothing wrong with it.