Superdude Mac’s Beer T-Shirt In 7 Colors


Superdude Mac's Beer T-Shirt In 7 ColorsA Beer T-Shirt! What a fantastic name! If I had not seen this t-shirt I could never have guessed  simple Animal print can result in such a fantastic effect.  if you closely look at the design, it is partly bear and has a similarity with deer.


This Mac’s shirt has a fair amount of followers. It looks trendy and makes you feel comfortable. The slim fit design gives a smart fit. You may choose a slightly bigger size if the idea is to have more airy comfort. As always, my size here is the XL one. It works great for me.


There are as many as 7 colors available here. It is better to have a pair with contrasting colors.  I don’t know why they are calling it a Beer shirt instead of a bear. Looks like the idea is to wear it in a pub and drink in barrels. Sadly, though, I do not possess such immaculate capacities!