Still Drunk High And Unemployed T-Shirt Trailer Park 2015 Tour

Still Drunk High And Unemployed T-Shirt Trailer Park 2015 TourWhat importance does the Trailer Park logo hold in your life? For me, the relevance is high and hence I am tour t-shirt collector. Nothing better than something in classical black. This t-shirt carries the iconic image of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles on the front side. The tour dates find a place on the back side of the cotton shirt. The word officially licensed provides me a different kind of charm. Couldn’t watch that tour as I was busy in my studies. Man, these exams are always troubling me!

The Still Drunk, High & Unemployed tour was iconic in a different sense. If you are a TPB fan, you got to be present on the venue to understand the sentiments. It is difficult to explain in words. Speaking for myself, I am a big fan of humor in life. It has to be there for me if I have to feel good. Life and humor are inseparable.


For me, this tour t-shirt is not just a product. It reflects a certain way of life. You have to in a believe in that way of life if you are to enjoy your choice to the fullest. Ok, enough of that lecture regarding a fan shirt, but can’t help it.

From a comfort point of view, you will feel good that this is a 100{4be404f03870929f38922bf132858a35c6db266f472178b8240f995958b07430} cotton product. All adult sizes are easily available on Amazon.