Smokes Let’s Go – And I Am Game For It – Always & Anywhere

smokes lets go shirt trailer park boys

My point of view says everyone must sport this! What’s so special about the tee design. You might argue on the graphics of this trailer park shirt but the boys have the last laugh, always! This is a great option to diffuse a tense situation. Imagine the courtroom drama and someone comes out with this attire! You can understand the emotions for sure.

The Smokes Let’s Go shirt has been an integral part of my wardrobe for a long time. This is my go to shirt for weekend occasions. The charm works almost every single time. And I make the choices pretty clear when sporting this tee as to whom I am supporting.

The phrase is now an absolute hit among the masses. You might use this in a team meeting but I don’t know about the receptiveness of your bosses. I can use it for sure but please don’t garner an overdose of motivation from my words. Choose your words carefully.

There was an interesting conversation last month regarding the best comedy series on TV and movies and the name Trailer Park boys seems to be way ahead. One of my friends tried to promote the cause of “Two and a half men” but was voted down with huge numbers. It is a different genre altogether my friend!

By the way, there are 6 shades available. Pair it with your favorite denim and let the humor roll.