Royal Green I Am The Liquor Sweatshirt T-Shirt – The Majestic Supervisor Shirt

Royal Green I Am The Liquor Sweatshirt T-Shirt


Majestic might be the best way to describe it but there are several titles that one may bestow upon it. This Royal Green I Am The Liquor sweatshirt sits pretty in any collection. We all love the supervisor Mr Jim Lahey and his iconic character on the show. Anything that bears a connection with him receives a fair deal of attention. This shirt has in it to make heads turn. You can walk in a bar and expect to spread humor around. And in case there are other fans in the vicinity, you are in for some interesting conversations.

The pandemic has slowed down the production of new episodes in the trailer park boys series. We are all waiting for the new plots to bring in some fun for the year end time. I still remember the hostel nights where we binged on several seasons in one go. Work life makes it a touch little difficult to revisit the old shows but then, you can never stay too far from the boys.

Let us hope that the times change soon and we can next installment of the movies coming soon. Till then, we might sport the iconic shirts and move around!