Ricky Shirts Rank One In Trailer Park Boys

Well, Julian and Bubbles may feel a bit left out, but the fact remains that Ricky scores well in t-shirts. You can sense a easy going spirit with any of the option. It does not matter the print is something extravagant or light in color, it just has to be Ricky. I do have all the collections of other Trailer Park characters, but as a frequent user, it is easy for me to sense the kind of reactions that come exclusively for the big “R”.


Ricky Dope with Sleeve Logo T-shirt Trailer Park BoysTake a look at this Ricky shirt. Simple! Isn’t it? But almost every user gives it a 4 or more star ranking on Amazon. And at times you would find that the shirt is just not in stock. It is a simple way to check out the popularity of the product.


There are many things in life for which there is no clear sense of reason or explanation. You simply have to accept what is. Well, don’t take this line as an excuse to give up on the challenges in life. But what we are talking here hovers around style and fame. You would agree that apparels and especially shirts, based on movie characters have to prove their worth in terms of sales.


Personally, I find him to be a sort of enigmatic character. He is someone who brings out your hidden sense of macho spirit. Find it hard to believe? Wear the boys shirt in a party or special occasions and discover something more about your own personality!