Remembering Randy With My Grand Cheeseburgers


Randy Cheeseburgers Shirt Trailer Park BoysWhen you are obsessed with tees and movies, their thoughts and connections seem to appear from all corners. Just when I was making my favorite breakfast, the grand big cheeseburger, I remembered Randy from Trailer park fame. And then came the thought of wearing the shirt while eating the big bun. Somehow I received an extra bout of energy to take out the Randy print t-shirt and got on with the job. My roommate does not approve this extra show of love for my characters but he allows this theater of mine to go on peacefully. In fact, he is the best roomie that one can have; never attempting to stop my love and devotion towards TPB.

I do not wish to boast about my culinary skills but people do approve the quality and skills that I put behind the making of food. Any weekend party with friends includes one of my side dishes or starter items. At first I did that at home to break the monotony of watching movies alone. But soon the habit turned into hobby. Feels good when the entire gang appreciates what I prepare. Looks like hotel management was the better option for me!