The Need For Weed T-Shirt In Black From The Trailer Park Boys Series – Ricky Bubbles & Julian

need for weed t-shirt trailer park boys


Who dreams of such captions man! The “Need for Weed t-shirt” might stir up some innate emotions in a gathering. Forget about the need for Speed because the boys are on a different path altogether. Of course, it is one of the coolest ways to let your cravings come out in the open. But even for the non-follower this design gives a chance to bring in outright humor. In fact, you might end up creating immediate waves of laughter.

It is a licensed movie shirt so the quality parameters are pretty well taken care of. The shirt is made from 100% cotton fabric and the current offering is in the black shade. But you can expect more shades to follow suit. Nevertheless, the best shade ( in my view) is the ever charming black. And no matter what shade the lowers are it has the power to pair well. So yes, I am a big one to bet on that.

If you are just starting out in the fan club this design might just be a step too many. But I guess, it is okay to begin outright and make the presence feel. My first merchandise was the Bubbles and kitties shirt which still has a decent fan-following. So if you are feeling adventurous right now, the path seems very clear to me!