Julian In Charge Shirt of Trailer Park Boys


Julian In Charge Shirt of Trailer Park BoysSometimes you need to let Julian come to the forefront. He is the hidden gem in the series. I accept that there are more ‘Rickyism’ enthusiasts out there, what Julian contributes to this team cannot be ignored. The Julian in charge shirt reflects what I am saying right now.

It is an officially licensed merchandise. The product page provides a good description. You can have a look.

The words “I am in charge” are printed on the sunglasses. The dark background gives a good view of  the central print. In case you are looking to control a situation without saying a word, this shirt might help you out. I plan to use in some of the classes that cross limits of boredom. Not many such classes but a few in my course.

The one good thing about this clothing series is their affordable nature. Most of the stunning tees are in $20 to $30 range. You do not get a big dent in the pocket. A small saving period can get you a good collection. It has been the case for me over the years. And not having a girlfriend sometimes helps!!