Green Bastard T-Shirt Parts Unknown Trailer Park Boys

Green Bastard T-Shirt Parts Unknown Trailer Park BoysQuite an offensive title in green, so to speak! This is one of my favorite colors, the dark green print with the big bold GB written in black. It looks appealing and fantastic with Parts Unkown heading written just below GB. By the way, GB stands for Green Bastard!  It is in fact, the logo of Bubbles’ wrestling alter ego.

A matching lower for this t-shirt would be black jeans or chinos. This is my perfect weekend combination. Next, you need the movie tickets and a big bag of popcorns.

You can use the apparel to show solidarity with mother earth. It is the color of nature and hence finds appreciation in most places. I am not sure about the caption on the front. But most people would not be able to guess the full form unless they are diehard trailer park boys fans.

This shirt found some good reviews on Amazon. You would find this shirt popping on most search results in connection with this topic.

It is important to choose the right size when ordering shirts online. The right size makes you look complete and compliments the personality. It is a different issue if you are deliberately opting for oversized versions. But a perfect fit is always the best fit.