Greasy T-Shirt – Trailer Park Boys Black Tee Background


Greasy T-Shirt - Trailer Park Boys Black Tee Background

What are you expected to feel upon hearing the word Greasy? Some of you might think about oil or butter but most of us will feel nothing. But the case is different for trailer park boys fans who are used to so much of the fan spirit coming right of the Sunnyvale park. The word Greasy is printed in bold and is rather intimidating. If you have seen the series, the smile will come out almost instantly.

Some might wonder why people will ever buy this one. But the print is so popular that it comes in 5 different shades and for all the three; men, youth and women. I guess that is somewhat a good indicator of the current demand.

As more and more college students keeping pouring in, the Sunnyvale spirit is sure to get a boost. Truth be told, the real fun with the boys when you come out of high school and feel just a little bit independent. That is exactly when you start to feel just a little bit of camaraderie with the Sunnyvale characters!