The Real Bubbles From Trailer Park Boys

Do you the real bubbles from trailer park boys. Yes, the one with bulging eyes on the Show me your Kittens shirt and an adorable clumsy look. Most of you may know that he is Mike Smith from Canada. The man is well versed in English ( has a degree in English) and is also a sports lover by nature. Quite difficult to perceive such a man playing the role of Bubbles but acting brings out the best in people.

Sometimes I wonder how this man would go about in real life after the success of Trailer Park Boys TV series and now the movies. Being normal would now be considered a luxury? I guess the people around him see him in those bulky glasses all the time!

Mike also has immense talent for music and I am sure that if did not commit himself to this project, the one thing he would have surely formed is a boy band. We are trying to convince the college management so as to organize a musical show from some celebrity. Looks like education has made the environment a touch boring. A soothing dash of rock and pop will surely add that much-needed zing.