Black Flask I Am The Liquor From Trailer Park Boys – 8oz


Black Flask I Am The Liquor 8oz8oz I Am the Liquor Flask L1The flask is in. The liquid is out and off we go. No no, I am not pouring booz in this I am the Liquor black flask. ( Trailer park fans, don’t be disappointed ! ). Of course, if the occasion demands I’ll do that too.

For the moment, this cute little gift item rests in my bookshelf where I can save it from the peering eyes of my roommate. My roomie is a peculiar creature. He is surely not a trailer park boys fan but oddly enough, loves all the gifts (including this one) and t-shirts that I have from the movie merchandise. He says that the prints are appealing. My point of view is that the boys in motion are comparatively much more. Well, I have been trying to convince him to watch at least the first installation of movie where the entire Sunnyvale becomes a theater.

When the 8oz I am the Liquor BLACK Flask became the bestseller


You would be surprised to know that this item was the bestselling in several online as well as offline gift stores. The reason is not hard to comprehend. It is the increasing number of TPB fans who are bringing the glamour right on the streets. And personally, speaking I love that. Most boys in my locality have already got the hockey jersey and many of them actively wear the nerd glasses. It is the age of the movie effects and you cannot escape the change.

The best time of the year, that is the Halloween and then Christmas season together, is slowly coming towards us. Let’s see what new designs and creative gifts come up this time. And not to forget the discounts and one plus one offers.