All About The TV Episodes And Movies Of Trailer Park Boys

I guess many among us are constantly seeking the latest information about the trailer park boys movies as well as TV episodes. The information is easily available online but the only issue is that you have to look into several different sites. So I thought that it would be a great idea to assemble all the information in one web page and provide relevant links to different pages that serve appropriate content.

Let us first begin with the TV series and then I would dive into the movies

About Trailer Park TV Episodes


trailer park boys all episodes and seasons list

Here is a birds eye view of everything that happened from 2001 to 2016. All in all there are 10 seasons and a total of 85 episodes in this list. That’s a lot of fun stuff for sure ! The last one S10E10 was aired on March 25, 2016 and reddit guys were pretty emotional about it and there was a huge amount of discussion.

In case you have a lot of time in hand and want to begin the experience right from the beginning, you can easily do so.

Click here to watch all episodes from Season 1 to 7



Mike Clattenburg directed all the episodes from season 1 to 7. He was also the co-writer during this time. The character Julian is Mr. John Paul Tremblay and Robb Wells is Ricky. I guess the screen names are better and iconic. These two are also co-writers. Find the details here


Movie Series – Trailer Park Boys


There are 3 of them in all and I am sure you would love all of them. Have enjoyed numerous weekends with friends enjoying the funny and witty humor in Sunnyvale. Don’t forget to get the favorite snacks to add some spice to the flavor. The cast and crew of  this entire setup deserve a standing applause. They introduced something entirely in the range of “never seen before” in our lives. Know more about them….


Number 1 - Trailer Park Boys: The Movie released in the year 2006


Number 1 –  Trailer Park Boys: The Movie          released in the year 2006





Number 2 - Trailer Park Boys : Countdown to Liquor Day - 2009

Number 2 – Trailer Park Boys : Countdown to Liquor Day –  2009



Number 3 - Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It - 2014Number 3 – Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize It – 2014








Personally, I am more of into film zone. Because there are so many seasons to cover on the television mode and then there is issue of ever increasing academic work load. However, I do check YouTube once in a while to watch some of the best ones that were aired previously. One of the videos I found was quite interesting and the maker presents his take on the top 10 episodes in the entire trailer park series.

You can watch it here itself and let me know your thoughts on it.



I can reasonably assume that many of you may find relevant information about the boys from this post. Of course, the entire range of information is quite large and difficult to bring in one article. But you can certainly gain more insights from this one.