Cheap Houndstooth Shirts Like Ricky’s Are Enough To Create That Awesome Look

Ricky Houndstooth Black And White Lounge Shirt For Men -Short Sleeve

It doesn’t have to come via a large price tag. If you are looking to buy cheap houndstooth shirts like the one Ricky shows in the trailer park boys movies, there are enough options in the online stores. The other day I read a post on Reddit claiming that the decent shirts are over the $100 range which in my experience is not true at all. Of course, there are no limits if you are willing to spend but then fabulous options that do not burn a hole in your pocket are equally impressive.

Why houndstooth shirts bring about instant attention?


First of all, the design is attractive. And in cases where you are surrounded by fans, the Ricky look is bound to provide that extra amount of attention. Then there are times when you do not want to think too about the style configurations. That is where I guess, the houndstooth shirt brings in the real advantage. Whatever you decide just pair with it and you are good to go. I am not experimenting with some really wierd combinations but just the regular outfits that are there.

It actually saves a lot of time when you are confident about the combination. Freshen up after work and move straight to the party point.

There is a place near my house where they are experimenting with German beers. It is a cool hanging point during weekends. Most guys just come out there to enjoy some fresh air as the place is has a lot of open space with an attached outdoor garden. My Ricky look is almost reserved for this place! Just enjoying the moment with a sip of fresh air and the comfort of time in hand.

You may not be that adventurous in life but at times bring out that experiemtation spirit as far as looks are concerned. No blue hair or brown eyes but simple changes to the everyday outfits.

Try out new places to visit and get some fresh air on a daily basis. Life is not meant to be spend in office space alone.