Pointblank Greasy T-Shirt Of Trailer Park Boys

The message is point blank and simple, no holes barred! The greasy t-shirt from the trailer park boys does what it has been designed to do; create a funny jibe. Who are you aiming at is entirely your decision but the shirt does it’s job pretty well. The clean and simple quotation based stuff works great on tees. Another great one liner print is the -mess with me mess with whole trailer park- shirt. You will appreciate the effect that clear simplicity brings with itself.

The boys are evolving with each passing day. May be a new movie screenplay is on the cards but frankly speaking I do not have much idea about the upcoming ventures. You can assume that the study workload is cutting short my entertainment time. But nevertheless, some of the DVDs are part of my permanent collections. You can watch the same scene from the movies again and again, the humor remains intact. The phenomenon is just like hearing your favorite song, you hear it again and the magic comes out again.

The holiday season is sure to bring in more designs from their apparel series. But the cold winters might prevent you from showing the tee in open. Try it indoors and relax in the trailer park spirit!

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