Enjoy Trailer Park Boys When The Cable Is Out - Sunnyvale Fan Guide Paperback & Kindle EditionThis is a paperback edition but you can also opt for a kindle edition of the Complete Trailer Park Boys – Official Sunnyvale Fan guide. The book is interesting for someone who has no idea about the franchise and a must for TPB fans.

Check out the book…

In case you are finding it difficult to explain someone about the boys, this heavily illustrated book would surely help. I saw it in one of the stores and had an instant liking. The pictures are of great quality and some of the scenes are like “never ever seen before”. You won’t hear the gossip in news or somewhere else.

If you ask me, I would always choose the paperback edition. It has an old school charm kind of thing which I can relate to my childhood. Of course, the kindle edition is also a great one and if you are truly tech savvy by nature, go ahead. For people like me, there is an instant bonding with paper and not with the electronic print. Not good for a green environment, but that’s the way it is.

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